The Sanitary Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Healthcare Facilities

The Sanitary Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Healthcare Facilities

May 2, 2022 0 By Janette Watts

The movement of people, medical equipment, hospital beds, and wheelchairs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities demands quality commercial flooring. More importantly, these facilities require sanitation. They should not only be looking clean but should also be genuinely spotless to comply with strict health and safety protocols.

This is where epoxy flooring outstands other flooring materials in the market. Not only that the epoxy flooring cost is affordable, but an epoxy floor also has sanitary benefits, which is perfect for the needs and requirements of medical facilities.

Below are the top three sanitary benefits that you can get from an epoxy floor:

  1. Pathogen control

Powerful cleaning solutions are used on hospital and clinic floors to ensure that many pathogens do not harm patients and health workers. Various pathogens are known to cause diseases that can be harmful and even cause complications, especially for recovering patients. For healthy visitors, their safety is also important when they visit these institutions and then return to their families. With the help of non-porous commercial epoxy floor coating, pathogens and bacteria will not seep or stick into the floor. Cleaning them each time would prevent them from spreading. Many innovations are also present today that allow the use of anti-bacterial floor coating to enhance the prevention and resistance to these pathogens and bacteria.

  1. Resistance to strong cleaning solutions

Cleaning formulas that are used in healthcare facilities are strong to serve their purpose well. Regular cleaning is a must, especially in operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency rooms. While these powerful solutions can damage other flooring materials, epoxy floor coating can resist these strong chemicals. That is why this is ideal for a busy and demanding environment such as a hospital. They are very durable and resilient. Indeed, epoxy flooring helps maintain the sanitation that healthcare facilities naturally demand.

  1. Enhanced safety for patients, healthcare workers, staff, and visitors

With the fast-paced environment in healthcare facilities, accidents and hazards must be avoided or minimized. Particularly in high activity areas where hospital staff needs to move quickly so as not to compromise the health of the patients, the flooring should perform as effectively as possible. Inconveniences can result in delays that can affect taking care of or attending to the needs of the patients. That is why it is excellent that commercial epoxy floor coating is slip-resistant and has strong traction. This is necessary to prevent accidents and other hazards. Moreover, with several wheeled equipment, it is significant that the flooring can help enhance safety all the time.

Choose Epoxy Flooring for Your Facility

If you operate a medical facility, you know that the health and safety of all the people inside are your top priorities. It is then a smart and cost-effective investment to choose epoxy for your commercial flooring. If you require more information about this flooring solution, contact your most trustedcommercial epoxy flooring San Antonio company. Learn more about epoxy flooring because those discussed above are only the sanitary benefits. This type of flooring material is easy to maintain, easy to install, durable, shock-resistant, and more.