Feng Shui Furniture – Optimizing Energy Flow in Your Home

Feng Shui Furniture – Optimizing Energy Flow in Your Home

June 17, 2024 0 By Aran Lovell

Feng Shui, or Chi, is an ancient Chinese philosophy, and I believe that all homes have a life-force energy called Chi. According to this energy, furniture positioning, colour selection and personalising techniques are all there to assist people in keeping a balance and harmony at home.

Link the rooms to each other purposefully, and infuse them with the energies that you want to encourage there – such as harmony or wealth. Next, try these tips for making better feng shui furniture arrangements:

Living Room

Anyone decorating their living room should keep these points in mind Firstly, do not put too many large furnishings in the middle of the room, so as not to cause a stagnant flow of energy. Secondly, please choose designs which will allow people to move freely in and out.

You don’t want to place a sofa in front of a window so you and your dinner guests can’t look at the view through the window to what is outside nature. Cognitive dissonance? On the contrary, you want to place the sofa against the wall so you can feel connected to everything.

In a living space with right-angled corners, balance the yin and yang energies by filling it with house plants or sofas with rounded edges, for example, in order to create the desired ambience. Feng Shui attempts to balance the yin and yang to invoke a general energy that would help the occupants be more harmonious with each other.


But Feng Shui imagines the bedroom as a place structured for sleep, proper furniture arrangement determines the energy through the room And what are some ways Feng Shui envisions the bedroom? How are beds moderated? First of all, clutter is bad, and you should avoid having any sort of large pieces facing your bed. Second, Feng Shui creates energy flow, and sharp corners are inauspicious, so you should incorporate only soft edges into your furniture. Rounded edges are Feng Shui’s favorite.

Place Of Bed Important Too: Diagonally Opposite Door Place can bring power and stability which makes the wealth accumulation easy. Don’t put it directly opposite to the door, this give the feeling of weakness and easily get protec to.

Natural and calming colours like earthy tones (other colours could also be used for upholstering room furniture) can be used by Feng Shui practitioners in order to promote good energy flow in your home. View our selection for the best-looking furniture which can be used for Feng Shui-related purposes!

Dining Room

Feng shui may seem daunting, and the complexities of its applications may not be apparent to a layperson at the outset. A good practitioner operates according to the same old rules, but translates these ancient concepts and philosophies into terms that can be scaled down for the contemporary context. Look for credentials on the practitioner’s website before you engage, to know that you’re working with a certified and authorised master.

Best furniture Feng Shui in a dining room is to ensure everyone’s dining experience in your family home is a pleasant one. However, this is only possible when each family member is happy and can welcome guests with an open heart over meals.

Feng shui practitioners recommend using a Bagua Map to place sofas or chairs so that everyone in the room can see the door, the commanding position, an essential ingredient of calming stability and safety for your home.

Balance is important, too, and symmetrical arrangements of decor items can help achieve this goal. If your home full of metal decor items, balance it with wood.


If things are in sync with the Feng Shui elements, your home office will become more productive through the control of clutter, furniture with storage, and items that feature natural elements, which will have a daily positive impact on your professional life.

The position of your desk is the central feature of any home office, and feng shui pros recommend setting it near the door, so that you can monitor who comes and goes while feeling centred and in control of the room.

One step towards an authentic energetically balanced space, is to avoid furniture with sharp or pointy edges. Whether it is a chair, your desk or dresser, unbalanced or misaligned pieces in the office exude tension. This can easily be counteracted by adding a variety of blues, greens and oranges. Transform your office into a place of peace and balance by stopping by at Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design today. Let our cutomized selection become a part of your life!