How to Create a New Look With Bathroom Vanities

How to Create a New Look With Bathroom Vanities

December 4, 2020 0 By Janette Watts

A bathroom vanity unit is a practical and functional storage unit in a bathroom, usually used to store personal hygiene products, bathroom supplies, and medication. They are typically placed above sinks or on top of toilets. Bathroom vanities come in many different sizes, styles, materials, and colors. Some modern vanities have mirrored surfaces, giving the bathroom an elegant look.

In addition to the functional aspects of storage, a well-designed vanity can add aesthetic value to a bathroom. They can be purchased to match any decor, from modern to classic styles. Most bathroom vanities are mounted on a wall, with the vanity unit extending below the surface of the wall. This means the vanity looks like it is part of the overall design of the bathroom.

The most common type of bathroom vanity is a standard depth cabinet. A standard depth cabinet has a single countertop that is mounted on a flexible cabinet-style frame. Most standard depth cabinets have standard size drawers and cabinet doors, but there are some models that have additional storage options, including one or two doors and pull out shelves. A popular style in the modern bathroom vanity market is the combination of drawers and shelves, creating a countertop and cabinet space that is ideal for storing all of your bathroom necessities, including toiletries.

Bathroom vanities that incorporate the use of mirrors are also very popular in today’s market. These types of vanities fit into most modern bathrooms because they do not take up valuable floor space and are easy to clean. A popular choice of vanity mirror is the slimline style, which complements the slim vanity with sleek metal finish. Slimline bathroom vanities are available in a wide variety of materials, including brass and nickel, and they are available in custom shapes as well as stock shapes. Some slimline vanities include built-in cabinets and countertops, making them easy to incorporate into any bathroom design.

Some bathroom vanities feature pull out shelves and mirror pockets, while others feature mirrored sliding doors. Some slimline vanities have one or two door styles, while others have three or more door styles. A popular option in the slimline vanity category is the half-moon vanity, which is an attractive option that provides both space for mirrors and storage drawers. An out-of-the-way vanity can also be a stylish option that still offers functional space in your bathroom.

There are plenty of other options that can make it easy to find the perfect vanity for your home. If you’re looking for a way to update your bathroom, custom bathroom cabinets and vanity units are an ideal way to makeover your bathroom. When remodeling your bathrooms, consider adding custom bathroom cabinets and vanity units that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.