Bathrooms With Gorgeous Herringbone Tile Floors

Bathrooms With Gorgeous Herringbone Tile Floors

December 11, 2020 0 By Janette Watts

Bathrooms with gorgeous herringbone tile flooring are now very popular in many homes. These floors are also called the herringbone tiles because of their resemblance to a diamond necklace. This type of flooring has been used in bathrooms for over three hundred years and was the choice of the affluent before laminate bathroom flooring came on the market.

The herringbone design was created by the Abbot Pederson of the Scottish College of Merchandise in Edinburgh, Scotland in Reproductions of Historic Property. The tiles were first introduced to the United States by Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York City. Many people today still remember walking into their bathroom and seeing these beautiful floor tiles. There is something timelessly elegant about them that makes you want to sit and enjoy them for hours.

If you are remodeling an old bathroom or just tiling a new room, herringbone floor tiles are a great choice. They can be purchased unfinished and installed by you, or you can choose to have a professional install them. If you decide to use a professional though, you should make sure that you are getting high quality material. The tiles should be thick, smooth, and durable.

If you are not set on installing your own herringbone tiles, you may want to consider buying them. This will be less expensive than having them custom-installed. There are many stores that sell unfinished tiles, but you can also find them at specialty tile retailers and Home Depot. A large selection of colors and patterns are available. If you know what you are looking for, finding exactly what you want will be much easier.

When selecting the tile, it is important to take into consideration the flooring of the room that you will be tiling. Large bathrooms usually call for larger tiles because they have more room to spread out. You should also consider the theme of your home. Bathrooms are not limited to just bathing capabilities. They can be used for showering, relaxing in the tub, or as a complete family room. No matter what the purpose, there are many great choices available when it comes to this type of flooring.

Herringbone tiles come in many sizes and shapes. No matter what your space, there will be a herringbone tile that will work with it. If you have decided to install your own tiles, be prepared to spend some time learning how to do so. Flooring installation should be a very simple process when you consider the benefits of this beautiful flooring.