How To Avoid Favorable Feng Shui For Your Home Entrance

How To Avoid Favorable Feng Shui For Your Home Entrance

May 11, 2021 0 By Janette Watts

Positioning the main door can play a big part in the overall grandeur of your home. After all, this is where people enter the house. With this professional advice in mind for positioning the main door, here are some easy steps to help you in making the right choice. North-west: This is the auspicious position in a house. It faces the street, and the street is what leads people towards the door. If facing east or south, respectively, the energy does not flow directly towards the door.

South-west: If facing the road, avoid placing the main door in this direction. This will direct the energy inwards, making it more difficult to be positive. Also avoid placing it in such a way that it faces the south-east. This is a very bad position as far as positive energy is concerned.

East/North-east direction: Here the main door is usually placed in the north-eastern direction. As far as positive energy is concerned, the south-eastern energy cannot flow towards the door. If facing west, the energy can easily flow towards the door. It makes sense to keep the main door facing the North-East direction if you have good quality wood that can withstand the rigors of the weather in your region. This quality wood comes with a natural sheen that makes it look classy and elegant. The same applies to doors made from UPVC material; doors in this direction look modern and sleek.

All other directions should be kept as per radiometer readings. If you have a radiometer reading of more than zero, then move inwards. Nadiometer readings in excess of zero indicates that you have a blocked vastu entrance. These are common in countries such as Nepal, which are generally prone to earthquakes. In these cases, all other directions will be fine.

It is important to maintain all of these factors in mind. If you have good quality wood or metal furniture in your home, then the chances are that the vastu tips will not affect you adversely. If your main door is facing the North-East direction and you are facing a blocked doorway, then the best thing that you can do is to face the door South-East. This is because if you face the door North-East, the negative energy will flood in. This is similar to facing the main door to the West and facing South-East, the energy will also flood in. If your home has good quality UPVC furniture, then it is not difficult to maintain the positive energy in your home as there is not much of a problem in such a scenario.

Of course, you need to take into consideration factors such as weather, architecture, security and many other things when you are placing a door in your home. The main door is perhaps the most important aspect of any home, since it is the main point of entry. Therefore, it is imperative that you know exactly what to do to ensure that it is in a very good condition when people visit your home for an instance of a dream visit. For instance, in case you want to avoid floods and consider the positive energy to flood in, then you should place a door in the North-West direction. This way, you can ensure that a person does not have to walk too far when entering your home. Therefore, you can avoid floods altogether.