Choosing the Design of Kitchen Cabinetry

Choosing the Design of Kitchen Cabinetry

September 27, 2023 0 By Janette Watts

Cabinetry can often be the most costly component of any kitchen remodel project, and choosing an aesthetic design that makes your investment worthwhile can make all the difference in results.

Color should be the most critical consideration, so choose one that reflects both your personal taste and the hues of your walls.

Display cabinets featuring metal grates offer the ideal combination of closed and open storage options, making it an excellent addition to rustic or country kitchen designs.


Modern kitchen cabinets strive for clean lines and minimalist designs. Achieve this aesthetic is easy with flat panel cabinet doors (commonly known as slab cabinets) without unnecessary details such as raised panels or moldings. Frameless door overlays also add an elegant touch, blurring the boundary between cabinet box and door.

Lighter hues like white and grey are great choices for modern kitchens, while warm options that mimic stone surfaces might add some pop.

Minimalist kitchen cabinet hardware like C-channel pulls and flat linear handles add sleek horizontal lines to modern designs, while tubular handles keep things straightforward.


Traditional kitchen designs often feature rich wood tones, slopes and curves in their overall design, trims and corbels, and can accommodate for various kitchen colors and finishes. This classic look stands up well against modern trends as well.

When designing a traditional kitchen, opt for natural stains that accentuate wood grain and texture. For something brighter, light neutral paint colors or soft blue shades could add flair while remaining subdued and stylish.

Display cabinets provide the ideal way to showcase tableware and decorative items, while enclosed cabinets serve as practical storage solutions to keep things tidy. LED lighting helps bring these displays alive even at night!


Shaker cabinets have become an indispensable feature in numerous kitchens due to their timeless and versatile design, perfect for pairing with modern elements for an eye-catching transitional aesthetic.

This style was popularized by members of the Shaker religious sect who valued quality over ornate details when creating their furniture. These flat panel center pieces boast simple lines and minimal detail – an attractive feature in any modern room!

Add elegance to glass-front shaker doors easily by installing mullion molding. Pair this look with brushed brass cabinet knobs or flat bar pulls for an eye-catching, minimalist aesthetic – the ideal design solution for homeowners who enjoy cooking and hosting! This simple kitchen layout can also save space.


Embark on a modern kitchen design? When choosing cabinet paint colors that stand out, high contrast cabinet paint colors can make a striking impression. In this contemporary space, a lively yellow hue stands out as the main focus. It also conveys personality while making this utilitarian area into a fun place to cook and entertain!

For a classic kitchen aesthetic, choose stone neutral colors for your cabinetry paint color scheme. They offer a stunning weathered appearance and pair particularly well when combined with silver hardware throughout your space.

Consider installing knobs offsetting them from the edges of cabinet rails instead for an eye-catching and user-friendly aesthetic. Installers will find this approach both visually pleasing and straightforward to complete.

Metal Grate

Metal grate cabinet doors add an eye-catching design element to modern kitchen plans. Available in various designs – plain wood with laminates, ornate patterns, and cutouts – metal grate doors offer an eye-catching touch that fits well into modern designs.

Carisha Swanson, Market Director at House Beautiful recommends using metal grates in small kitchens to make them feel larger and less confining. She notes their partial visibility makes them more versatile than glass enclosures.

Before purchasing, measure the dimensions of steel grating carefully so it fits within its space. Measurement must include length, width and bar spacing – using either a tape measure or ruler can make this task easy.


No matter the style or design of your kitchen, glass cabinet doors are sure to work in its favor. Frosted, etched or stained options offer various degrees of privacy while customizing the look of your cabinets.

Textured cabinet doors are another popular choice in kitchens. Available in an assortment of textures and designs such as pleated, organic, ribbed, pebbled and inclined models, they add visual interest while helping conceal any messiness behind cabinets and hide fingerprints or smudges on them.

When selecting textured glassware, aim for balance between color and size. Grouping white plates with ceramic bowls or metal cookware will give the design depth.