Modern Kitchen Faucets

Modern Kitchen Faucets

September 9, 2023 0 By Janette Watts

Faucet options range from traditional to contemporary and come with finishes like stainless steel, bronze, matte-black and brushed nickel to meet all lifestyle needs. Select one that complements your decor and lifestyle needs.

Gooseneck spouts feature high-arc designs to make maneuvering larger pots and pans in your sink easier, while an articulating spout offers multiple joints that offer added flexibility.

Single-Handle Faucet

Single-handle faucets use a cartridge or ball valve to regulate water temperature and flow based on handle position, making operation much simpler for anyone with messy hands or full plates of food (via Home Stratosphere).

Single-handle kitchen faucets tend to look sleeker and smaller than their double-handed counterparts, and offer greater versatility when used in sink spaces with limited room for accessories like sprayers or soap dispensers.

Single-handle faucets also have the advantage of being single points of failure, meaning when one handle starts leaking you can quickly shut off both hot and cold water shut-off valves until repairs can be made (via Tiles Wale). Conversely, with more parts to consider than necessary in double-handle fixtures it could take more time and effort to pinpoint and address an issue or fix any potential ones that arise (via Tiles Wale).

Double-Handle Faucet

This kitchen faucet boasts an attractive and luxurious aesthetic that adds beauty and value to your home. Highly durable with a rust-proof coating for corrosion protection, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to back its reliability and quality and installation is straightforward and hassle free.

Dual handle faucets give you precise control of both hot and cold water flow, with each handle adjustable separately or combined to meet your needs. There are various designs, finishes and sizes to suit the decor of any room in your home as well as models compatible with other accessories like soap dispensers to make cleaning simpler.

Pot Filler Faucet

Pot filler faucets add an elegant and professional-grade aesthetic to any kitchen, perfect for open concept designs and available in various finishes that match any design aesthetic.

Kes’ wall-mounted pot filler features sleek lines to complement any kitchen, and its two extendable joints up to 17 inches allowing large pots to be filled easily and filling your aerator which saves water while offering a quiet stream.

Installing a pot filler faucet can be an invaluable asset to those who cook frequently or those with children in the household. It will save time from transporting heavy pots across your kitchen and reduce muscle strain or injury caused by moving heavy pots back and forth across its space.

Pull-Out Faucet

Pull-out faucets often feature an attached hose that allows easy maneuvering of hard-to-reach areas and dispensing a mist for cleaning delicate dishes. This style of faucet makes an excellent addition for small sink spaces with overhead cabinetry or limited counterspace.

This style of kitchen faucet boasts an impossible-to-tangle hose, making it easier to keep clean than other options. However, this style may not be best suited for homes with lower water pressure as it requires sufficient volume of water in order to function effectively – although this rarely poses an issue today! Avid cooks may find this type of fixture convenient in keeping up with busy lifestyles. Plus, its shorter spout makes this ideal for shallow sink areas as it prevents splashback!

Touchless Faucet

These models are distinguished by their ability to switch on and off without manual intervention, thanks to a sensor window and solenoid valve combination. When motion is detected by the sensor window, an alert signals the solenoid to open its valve so water spouts forth; once no longer detected by it, its solenoid pushes it closed to shut off water flow.

These faucets can be useful if your hands are dirty, or if you are concerned about germs on traditional handles. However, you should keep in mind that many features of a hands-free mode faucet will be unavailable and batteries must be changed periodically; most models feature battery indicators to alert users when it’s time for replacements.