Choosing the Right Flooring Design For Home

Choosing the Right Flooring Design For Home

May 17, 2023 0 By Janette Watts

Flooring choices play a significant role in creating an overall feel and appearance of your home. Selecting appropriate flooring designs for each room to ensure that the desired visual design theme remains intact and that each material serves its function properly.

Carpet may not be ideal in rooms where food preparation and consumption take place, such as the kitchen. A hard surface such as tile, laminate or waterproof vinyl may be preferable in this space.


Flooring is an integral component of home design that connects paint colors, ceiling fixtures and furniture pieces together. People notice it first when entering a room; its setting can set the mood. Contemporary designs often adhere to certain guidelines; it’s up to each homeowner how they incorporate these principles.

Hardwood floors add an appealing, natural touch to contemporary homes. Their dark stains add drama and light maple and hickory floors provide an open feel.

Homeowners with open floor plans can utilize wood planks to seamlessly connect rooms without awkward dividers and create an aesthetic that allows the wood to serve as an elegant accent of their home.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles that resemble natural minerals or stones add texture and depth to a space, and large format porcelain and ceramic tiles make an attractive modern flooring choice.


Wood floors are an ideal complement for traditional home designs, from country cottage to classic ranch. Look for gray tones or pale finishes if you prefer natural materials, while vintage pieces with aged patina offer authentic charm. Additionally, hand-scraped hardwoods provide texture to add depth.

Geometrically-patterned tile flooring fits seamlessly with traditional interior design, and ceramic or porcelain options designed specifically for flooring are readily available. Look for herringbone and chevron patterns for maximum impact; otherwise try hexagonal parquet flooring as a statement-maker!

Reclaimed stone floors can add a stunning finishing touch to traditional rooms. Jaisalmer stone, for example, boasts vibrant yellow hues that bring warmth into any space. Consider installing an intricate pattern made of stones like Jaisalmer to truly elevate any luxurious home’s decor and separate the living and dining areas visually.


Rustic wood flooring can add warmth and comfort to any room in a home. From barn wood reclaimed from barns to distressed techniques such as staining, color washes and hand scraping, rustic floors exude an authentic charm that cannot be replicated through photoshopping alone.

Wide plank wood floors with their more rustic aesthetic can complement homes that incorporate rustic accents into their design, providing a perfect place for rustic wood accents such as beams.

For a subtler rustic aesthetic, some hardwood manufacturers use mixed-width planks with nail marks or other unique character features to achieve this unique style. Laminate and vinyl flooring also offer highly realistic rustic looks that look nearly indistinguishable from natural wood; plus they are more budget friendly than engineered wood flooring options while holding up well over time.


No matter the style of home design you prefer – modern or traditional – flooring that blends in beautifully is essential to making it feel complete. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook flooring as a decorative element when decorating their space – though there are various materials and styles available that can suit individual aesthetics perfectly.

Wooden floors are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Light oak is particularly stunning in any living space and only gets better with age. Other hardwood options available to you are maple and cherry; for an eye-catching effect you could choose a pattern such as herringbone or broken chevron to further make an impressionful statement on your floor.

Tile floors are an increasingly popular choice in contemporary homes due to their versatility in terms of colors and textures, ease of cleaning, moisture resistance, affordability, eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness. Another affordable eco-friendly flooring choice such as bamboo or cork offers soothing visuals while being friendly on your budget.