Borax to Clean Carpet Stains

Borax to Clean Carpet Stains

October 1, 2020 0 By Janette Watts

Borax to Clean Carpet, also known as wood polish or borate deodorizer is a great way to sanitize, disinfect and remove unpleasant odors from your carpets. It is a solid compound consisting of borax, water, citrus solvent and sometimes ammonia, which is usually sold in a spray bottle. The method of cleaning is very easy and involves squirting the mixture on the stained area and leaving it to sit for at least half an hour then using a clean white cloth to wipe it off. This can be repeated as necessary until the odor is removed.

Instructions: Before you begin, make sure that you have cleaned all the dog messes off your furniture and floor, including drapes and curtains. Also, make sure that you have taken away all the shoes and other footwear from the house, except for your own. Then, mix one part borax with two parts warm water. This will be sufficient to remove most household carpet stains. Do not bother with lemon juice or vinegar, as they will not do anything for your carpet, but instead will just make the stains more noticeable. Borax to Clean Carpet should only be used once the previous stain removal method is done.

Procedure: To use borax to clean your carpet, wet a clean white cloth and make sure that the cloth is slightly damp. Use the cloth to apply the cleaning solution to the affected areas of the carpet. Do this continuously until the desired result is achieved. Do not leave it on for more than five minutes, as this may cause it to become too concentrated with the cleaning solution. The duration of this process may vary depending on how severe the stain is.

Remedy: For carpet that is stained by red wine or other dark colored stains, soak the affected area in warm water for about ten minutes. Then, scrub the surface using a scrubbing pad or a soft brush in the direction of the grain of the carpet. Do this repeatedly until the desired result is achieved. For white or cream colored stains, the same method of cleaning may be used but only after applying a generous amount of borax.

Disadvantages: Borax to clean stains carpet stain remover may cause some mild discomfort to your pet. It also contains ammonia, which could potentially cause stomach upset to your dog if he eats some of the product. If you decide to use borax to clean your carpet, make sure that your pets are away from the area for the entire duration of the cleaning process. It is also not advisable to use borax to clean stains on tiled or vinyl flooring because the product could damage the cement. To be safe, do not use borax on unsealed wood or metal floors as well.

Summary: Borax to clean your carpet may not be the right choice for your carpet cleaning needs. Before purchasing this product, do consider these factors and do research on its effectiveness. A better alternative for you to achieve an all-natural and safe cleaning for your carpet is to use products made especially for cleaning carpets. These products can be bought at your local store or online.