How to Create Character With Patterned Vinyl Flooring Tiles

How to Create Character With Patterned Vinyl Flooring Tiles

October 23, 2020 0 By Janette Watts

Patterned Vinyl Flooring is engineering to completely spruce up even an otherwise dull, lifeless room. It’s easy to install (much like a regular plain or patterned laminate) and sure to put you into a true “you” room quickly! All vinyl flooring comes pre-measured and packaged in pieces. That means no cutting, measuring, sanding, or gluing… ever! And thanks to its multi-layered, easily repairable surface, it can be fixed-up over again-even to create a completely new look with new patterns and changes.

No matter what room you want to make “new,” patterned vinyl flooring can do it! In the bathroom, for example, install a new patterned vinyl tile floor that incorporates your favorite flowers and butterflies. Or use stripes for a kid’s room or sports-themed rooms or, for that matter, for any room where you wish to have a little bit of fun and experiment. But for best results, keep it as simple as possible. Stripes work great, but also remember to leave some white in the lines for a cleaner look. For the bathroom, a solid white base border works wonders for any little bathrooms, and the same goes for the kitchen; just keep it clean!

Patterned Vinyl Flooring is also available in a wide variety of colours, so if you’re redoing your whole bathroom or just want a bold splash of colour in a particular area, this is the kind of floor covering for you! Make a statement in the bathroom with a bold floor covering with patterns that go all over the wall-from splashes of hot pink to swirls of turquoise. Add a touch of colour to a bedroom with a pattern vinyl flooring in hot-pink, or add a pop of bright colour to your child’s room with a colour-blocking design on their bedroom walls. In any room, a pattern vinyl floor covering can create a memorable statement that will stand out from the rest of your home.

Polka dots are the latest and greatest thing to hit the fashion scene, and they’re perfect for a contemporary home: polka dot art Deco floor covering designs are available in just about every colour imaginable, which means there’s bound to be a colour to suit any decorating scheme. Perfect for a contemporary or modern style bathroom, a great-looking choice is a large, rectangular polka dot pattern on a solid white base, with an occasional line or stripe running through it. For a more ornate look, try a design of animal fur running up the walls in a diagonal pattern. Polka dots aren’t just a trend for this summer – they’re a great addition to any home, and there are enough designs to suit almost any taste.

If you’re trying to give a more luxurious look to a more basic living area or bedroom, luxury vinyl tiles might be the right choice for you. They are available in a number of different patterns, and they can be used to add a touch of class to a room that’s been left bare and decorated. The luxury floor tile patterns are extremely popular now, as people like to buy pieces that are hand-made with high quality materials, and the patterns are designed to be unique and eye-catching. Try adding some contemporary and modern patterns to your space; you could choose a marble pavers effect or even go for something that’s a little more traditional in style. Add a splash of colour with a delicate rug, and you’ll instantly have an area that feels more welcoming and comfortable to lounge or sleep in.

If you’d like a more rustic look to your home, look like many of the country homes that dot the countryside across America during the fall. Rustic design features natural materials such as stone and wood that are kept updated with the latest finishes. Natural looking vinyl flooring tiles are the perfect choice for creating a look like this; it will look like it was made decades ago, but still looks like new today. This is a look that will work perfectly for a family room, bedroom or even the bathroom! If you love the look of patterned vinyl flooring tiles, try a country theme or even go for an antique look to really add character to any room of your home.